Hurricanes: Present and Future (September 21, 2017)


Hurricane season has already seen landfall of two major hurricanes in the U.S., with another gaining strength in the Atlantic. Here we take a closer look at Harvey and Irma, and look at the future of hurricanes with respect to … Continued

Thermal Expansion and Sea-level Rise (July 13, 2017)


Sea levels are rising at alarming rates due to green house gas emissions that have increased atmospheric temperatures. When most people think of sea-level rise the first thing that comes to mind is melting glaciers and icebergs, however, one the … Continued

NOAA’s Sea Level Rise Viewer (May 12, 2017)


NOAA has introduced a new beta version of their Sea Level Rise Viewer that allows you to view local scenarios and vulnerabilities. This map tool helps to visualize community-level impacts from coastal flooding and/or sea-level rise. There is data on … Continued

What’s Your Water Level? (April 24, 2017)


We have a new way for you to upload your photos! โ€œWhatโ€™s your water level?โ€ is a new web-based app from NOAA that has been developed to assist in collecting and displaying photographic water level contributions from citizen scientists in … Continued