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How to share your photos:

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1. Share your photos with us on the new What’s your water level? application:

2. You can also share your photos on our Facebook page

3. Or post your King Tides photos on Flickr

  1. Become a member of our King Tides NC group (learn how here
  2. Find us on Flickr and request to join the King Tides NC group.
    • In this group you will be able to share photos and have discussions with other members.
    • Please understand that by sharing your photos in this group you are giving the NC King Tides Project permission to use your photos for non-commercial uses such as presentations and educational materials.*
    • Download the Flickr app for iphone, android, or windows phones to make it super easy to share!
    • Here are step by step guides of how to upload photos to Flickr via the computeriPhone, or Android.
  3. Name and caption your photo with all the details!
    • Time
    • Date
    • Address (as specific as you feel comfortable sharing)
    • Latitude and longitude
    • Photographer’s name
    • Set the copyright settings to “Attribution-NonCommerical-ShareAlike” or “Attribution-Non-Commerical-NoDerivs” which gives us legal permission to use your photos for promotional materials.